Patricia Alder

Training CoordinatorEntomology

Dr. Jack Bacheler

Professor EmeritusEntomology

Statewide responsibility for the Cotton IPM Program; minor responsibility for corn, soybean and wheat in Piedmont and mountains. Will retire on December 31, 2013.

James Baker

Professor EmeritusEntomology
Photo of Matt Bertone, NC Cooperative Extension

Dr. Matt Bertone

Extension AssociateEntomology
(919) 515-9530

Entomologist with the NCSU Plant Disease and Insect Clinic. Expertise includes insect/arthropod diagnostics, taxonomy and evolution.

Dr. Rick Brandenburg

Extension Specialist (Peanuts & Turf)Entomology
(919) 515-8876
Photo of Wayne Buhler, NC Cooperative Extension

Dr. Wayne Buhler

Extension Specialist (Pesticide Education)Horticultural Science
(919) 515-5369pesticidesafety.ces.ncsu.eduFollow or Friend Me

Promote the responsible use of pesticides through educational resources and training.

Photo of Hannah Burrack, NC Cooperative Extension

Dr. Hannah Burrack

Assoc Professor and Extension Specialist (Berry, Tobacco, and Specialty Crops)Entomology

We study the biology and management of insect pests and pollinators in berry crops and tobacco.

Steve Denning

Agricultural Research TechnicianEntomology
(919) 515-1663
Photo of Liz Driscoll, NC Cooperative Extension

Liz Driscoll

Extension Specialist, 4-H - Horticulture, Crops, Entomology and Soil ScienceHorticultural Science
(919) 513-7346www.growforit.orgFollow or Friend Me

Liz is responsible for providing program resources and opportunities to connect youth and educators to issues in agriculture and natural resources in meaningful ways. Her NC 4-H Grow For It program is striving to grow a generation of youth interested in investigating plants, insects and soils through experiential projects that fosters curiosity and wonder, inspire critical thinking and problem solving, build a positive science self-concept, connecting kids to good food and nurturing environmental stewards of the land through farm, garden and nature programming.

Gene Dupree, Jr.

Laboratory Manager IIIEntomology
Photo of Steven Frank, NC Cooperative Extension

Dr. Steven Frank

Associate ProfessorEntomology

Dr. George Kennedy

WNR Distinguished ProfessorEntomology
Photo of Danny Lauderdale, NC Cooperative Extension

Danny Lauderdale

Extension Agent, AgriculturePitt County
(252) 902-1701

Danny is responsible for consumer and commercial horticulture and serves as the Director of the Pitt County Arboretum.

Photo of Dan Mott, NC Cooperative Extension

Dan Mott

Agricultural Research SpecialistEntomology
(919) 515-8877
Photo of David Orr, NC Cooperative Extension

Dr. David Orr

Extension Specialist and Associate ProfessorEntomology

My extension activities include interact with small farm owners, organic growers, Master Gardeners, and others to extend information about biological control, or the use of beneficial insects in pest management. I maintain the a website ( and blog ( to help deliver this information. For my teaching responsibilities I provide guest lectures in a variety of classes and offer the following courses as either in-class or distance education: ENT 212 (Basic Entomology); ENT 526 (Organic Production: Principles and Practices); ENT 726 (Biological Control); ENT 601/801 Seminars in: Insect Pathology/Biological Control (with Wes Watson); Teaching Techniques (with Clyde Sorenson). My research activities have focused on applied efforts in biological control, specifically the use and enhancement of arthropod natural enemies for pest management, and especially on organic farms.

Photo of Dominic Reisig, NC Cooperative Extension

Dr. Dominic Reisig

Associate Professor and Extension Specialist Entomology
(252) 793-4428x133
Photo of David Tarpy, NC Cooperative Extension

Dr. David Tarpy

Professor and Extension ApiculturistEntomology

Extension specialist in honey bee biology and beekeeping

Dr. John Van Duyn

Named Professor EmeritusEntomology
Photo of Michael Waldvogel, NC Cooperative Extension

Dr. Michael Waldvogel

Extension Specialist (Household & Structural Entomology)Entomology

Management of residential, industrial and wood-destroying pests, including bed bugs, cockroaches, ants, rodents and termites. Pesticide applicator certification training in Category B (Public Health) and structural pest control Phases P (Household Pests), W (Wood Destroying Pests), and F (Structural Fumigation).

Photo of Jim Walgenbach, NC Cooperative Extension

Dr. Jim Walgenbach

Extension Entomology Specialist (Fruits / Vegetables)Entomology
Photo of Wes Watson, NC Cooperative Extension

Dr. Wes Watson

Interim Department Head, Professor and Extension Specialist, Livestock & PoultryEntomology
(919) 513-2028

Elsa Youngsteadt

Research AssociateEntomology