Hessian Fly Now Laying Eggs in North Carolina Wheat

Posted On March 28, 2014— Written By

In a previous article I covered the decision making process that should underly Hessian fly sprays (Should you Spray Wheat for Hessian Fly?). My recommendation was the vast majority (99%) of fields would not benefit from a spring spray. Those that will benefit from a spring spray should time their spray to kill adults. Last Tuesday, my technicians noted Hessian fly eggs in Robeson Co., but not in Sampson Co. or Washington Co.. Today I noticed eggs on wheat in Washington Co.

This tells me that Hessian fly adults are active and a foliar spray now would be well-timed. The spray will likely be ineffective on eggs that are already laid. See the blog article linked above for more specific spray information. Sprays that are applied now are too early for cereal leaf beetle (more information here). You’ll want to scout your wheat in a few weeks to see if you need to spray this insect.