Bt Corn Traits: What Insects Are Controlled, Herbicide Tolerance, and Refuge Requirements

— Written By and last updated by Carol Hicks

Knowing what insect is controlled, which herbicide you can spray and what to do with refuge can be a headache. However, keeping track of this can save you money and help you to comply with legally-mandated refuge requirements. Please download this file for current 2015 information: 2015 Bt Trait Table for Cotton Growing Regions.

Also, I’ve received a lot of questions about refuge in a bag (RIB), which is now approved for planting in the US. This can be planted without an adjacent or nearby non-Bt refuge in non-cotton producing regions only Note that all of NC falls under the “cotton growing region” refuge requirements mandated by the EPA. If you choose to plant a RIB product in NC, you will still have to plant a separate non-Bt refuge.