New and Updated Insect Notes for Pests of Ornamental Plants

— Written By and last updated by Carol Hicks

Old Insect Note

Maybe you have already found the relatively new (at least to me) Extension Resource Catalog. This is a huge effort by Extension to modernize  fact sheets and other information resources. Instead of every department, or even every program, having its own fact sheet design and delivery format (web?, pdf?, print?, fax?) all the resources will look the same and reside in the same place. The interface makes it easy to update so the resources will be (should be) more current. They are also printable. Yeah for Extension.

With help from the great folks in Extension IT I am gradually getting the Insect Notes for Pests of Ornamental Plants moved from their current home to the new Extension Resource Catalog. You can find several Insect Notes already present like Gloomy Scales, Greenstriped Mapleworm, Japanese Maple Scale, and Maple Spider Mites.

New Insect Note

When you get to the main Extension Resource Catalog you will find every resource from every department and county all listed together. Don’t fret. On the left bar you can select resources by topic, like Commercial Horticulture, Nursery & Turf, or by Department. This will help narrow down the list. Of course you can also use the search bar. I think this is an overdue, but great, advance in NCSU Extension delivery. Please be patient as I transfer the 200 Insect Notes on ornamental pests into the new system. If there are Insect Notes you particularly need let me know.