Sugarcane Aphid Spreads, Important Insecticide Information

— Written By and last updated by Carol Hicks

Sugarcane aphid, a new invasive pest of sorghum, continues to spread. See identification and insecticide information and threshold information on this pest. If you are unsure of identification, a sample can always be sent to the NCSU Plant Disease and Insect Clinic.

I recommend only the use of Sivanto and Transform to manage this insect. Although Lorsban is labeled (with a 60 day pre-harvest interval restriction), you will be much happier with Sivanto and Transform. Reports of efficacy of other products is likely due to natural crashes in population growth, rather than true efficacy of the products. Most growers have chosen to use Transform for control. However, some fields have already been sprayed 2x with 1.5 oz Transform. Please note that the emergency Section 18 label granted for this product restricts the use of Transform to applications totaling 3 oz in a season. Growers needing to treat a 3rd time MUST rotate away from Transform if they have sprayed the 1.5 oz rate to avoid violating the label. The maximum amount of Sivanto that can be used during a season is more forgiving at 28 oz. I recommend a rotation between Sivanto and Transform at each spray.Slide1