Studying Strawberry Pollination

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Our laboratory is excited to begin a new project aimed at answering several questions about pollination ecology in strawberries.These questions are:

1. What insects pollinate commercially grown strawberries in the southeast?

2. How are insect pollinators affected by pest management practices?

3. How are  insect pollinators affected by the landscape surrounding strawberry farms?

4. How do managed honey bees and wild bees interact in strawberries?

We have put together several new resources as we begin this project. See Strawberry Pollination Basics for information on how strawberries are pollinated and the potential importance of insect pollinators. Our early field work has allowed us to start identifying some of the insects pollinating strawberries in the southeast, as described here. Finally, we have summarized what we know so far about the factors that may positively or negatively impact wild bees present on strawberry farms.

Look for more as we get started on this project this fall!

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