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What have we been up to? (Oct 2020)

October 2020

We have been slowly adjusting to our “new normal” as best we can, and for the most part we have been incredibly fortunate by not being significantly impacted by COVID. Both Jennifer and Erin were granted exempt status very early on so that they could continue to work at the bee farm and on- campus genetics lab, respectively. We were even able to secure a new qPCR machine for the lab so that we are not reliant on a communal facility, which has further increased our productivity in pathogen screenings for our research and the Queen & Disease Clinic. Our Apiculture Online webinars have been going very well with ~650 people on alternate weeks, and Brad, Hannah, and I have mostly been working remotely analyzing data and catching up on a huge backlog of manuscript writing. Sharon has been busy updating and coordinating new offerings in our Beekeeper Education & Engagement System. Ali and Esmaeil have had remarkable years in getting their publications out, with 5+ published this year so far for each. The undergraduate researchers (Gaven, April, Rachael, and Danyelle) have set up their projects so that they can do them either remotely or with sparing trips into the lab, so they’ve been able to juggle their online classes with continued research. Thus while we all yearn to get back to firing on all cylinders, we’re certainly staying busy and productive!

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