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What have we been up to? (OCT 2016)

October 2016

Summer is finally behind us, so this semester has been spent reflecting on what we were able to accomplish this past research season. We’ve had a parade of presentations at our weekly lab meetings on everyone’s results, preliminary or otherwise. Hannah and Viki have made great strides in collecting pollinator samples from the NC Research Stations on their newly planted pollinator habitats, Parry continues to analyze the massive BIP virus dataset, Hongmei has been working diligently on her bioinformatics and new techniques in the lab, and Carl and James have been busily writing up the respective theses. Joe conducted a successful pilot experiment for his project on the effects of pesticides on queen quality, so he is poised to launch his project in earnest next spring. Of course, Jennifer has been doing a great job in getting the colonies ready for winter, and Deniz has been wrapping up the processing of samples and other projects in the Queen & Disease Clinic.

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