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What have we been up to? (Jul 2020)

July 2020

We have been adjusting about as well as can be expected under the circumstances. The campus at NC State has slowly been loosening the restrictions for personnel and spacing, which has allowed for more work to be done in the lab versus remotely. Nonetheless, we have taken this time to catch up on some much-needed manuscript writing and data analysis, since the last few years have been so productive that we’ve gotten really far ahead of ourselves! Joe Milone successfully defended his thesis and has moved on to greener pastures, leaving Hannah as the sole graduate student at the moment and busily writing up her own thesis on the pollinator communities of North Carolina. Jen has been doing all of the beekeeping by herself this season, but at least she hasn’t been scrambling with as many research projects! Sharon has been continuously updating our BEES offerings, and Brad and Esmaeil have been writing at a furious pace. Nevertheless, like everyone, we can’t wait to get back to normal…

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