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What have we been up to? (OCT 2015)

October 2015

After a relatively busy yet quiet summer with little travel, we’re starting to gear up for numerous scientific conferences and other presentations. Carl is in his last year of his PhD research, so he is focusing on analyzing and writing up his three chapters (one on worker grooming behavior, one on varroa movement behavior, and one on pollen analysis). James, after a busy summer in the field, is now cranking non-stop on genotyping his samples to see how colonies might preferentially raise certain genotypes as queens. Hongmei has been focusing on writing and analyzing her large bioinformatics datasets, and Margarita is wrapping up numerous projects in the lab in preparation for a temporary hiatus—she is joyously expecting twin girls next February! Igor, our visiting PhD student from Brazil, has also made the very most of his time here, finishing three project (one of which is already written up) and finalizing a third! We’re also entering grant-writing season, which of course always keeps us busy.

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