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What have we been up to? (Oct 2018)

October 2018

With our summer research finally behind us, we are now busily analyzing our results, processing collected samples, and otherwise making sense of it all. Daiana has been busy writing up several previous studies as well as generating new samples on a project that is investigating the ovary development of in vitro queens. Brad and Nissa are cranking up the pheromonal analyses from a group project this summer on queen introductions, and Lauren is analyzing the behavioral dataset from the same observations. Joe has been working on larval exposures to different pesticides, and together with Carson is also testing the effects of mite treatments on adult bees. James wrapped up his season’s research early so that he could attend both the IUSSI conference in Brazil and the EAS conference in VA, where his research was well received. Hannah has wrapped up her third and final season collecting bees in the pollinator communities all across the state and will have a wealth of data to analyze about their composition and health. Erin has been burning the candle on both ends processing samples for the BIP research project as well as the clinic, and Jennifer is quickly getting all of the colonies ready for winter through feeding and mite control.

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