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What have we been up to? (Apr 2021)

April 2021

Spring has sprung, so we just don’t have enough time in the day this time of year. Jennifer is gearing up the apiary for a number of field projects this year, which has been unusually difficult because of the lack of help due to covid restrictions. Erin is also spearheading a major field project this season on virus profiles of colonies, and Brad is conducting several experiments on drones and their reproductive capacity. Hannah will be defending her PhD dissertation in May and thus graduating, so she is busily writing up her thesis and submitting papers. Esmaeil is also writing papers from previous projects, but he hopes to accomplish some field experiments this summer at UNC Greensboro. Ali continues to crank out the publications, both scientific and popular, as she continues her work on queen reproduction. We’re sorry to see Danyelle, April, and Rachael all leave the lab because of graduation, but we wish them nothing but success as they move forward and hope to bring on a new cohort of undergraduate researchers once we’re fully able. No doubt it will be yet another busy spring!

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