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What have we been up to? (July 2021)

July 2021

This summer has flown by so far, with a lot of moving parts and projects. Jennifer has been doing a lot of field work this season, although unlike last year she has been able to get some help from time to time from Sharon. Erin has also been mostly out in the field rather than the genetics lab, since she is spearheading a large longitudinal project on how virus loads change over the course of the season. Brad, as usual, has been busy analyzing and writing, as well as conducting some additional experiments on drones. Ali continues to publish at a furious pace, and Esmaeil was recently offered a position with the USDA-ARS starting next year. We also hosted three BeeMORE undergraduate students this summer, all of whom worked very hard and produced excellent research results. We hope to continue our momentum into the fall semester and capitalize on another successful season.

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