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What have we been up to? (Jan 2019)

January 2019

The beginning of a new year always brings reflection about the previous. We’ve had another successful year, with 11 peer-reviewed publications (tying a record high for our program for a second year in a row) and 13 presentations at scientific meetings. We had 8 active grants totaling $2.3M, and we have 24 people in the program. By last count, we have 46 different research projects, ranging from projects at an early conception all the way to those soon to be submitted for publication. On the extension side, collectively we delivered 16 presentations and workshops to various beekeeper groups for 4,532 individual contacts, and we were covered by nine media stories on our work. Our Queen & Disease Clinic is growing ever-more popular among beekeepers and queen producers, and it is really starting to gain traction in becoming a self-sustaining resource for beekeepers to ascertain the reproductive quality of queens (and drones) and the disease levels in their colonies. Overall, 2018 was a great year, and we hope the same for 2019!

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