Tulip Tree Scales Dropping Honeydew

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Tulip tree scales are one of the biggest scales in NC. They are primarily on tulip tree and magnolia. Tulip tree scales this time of year are orange and brown adult

Tulip tree scales. Photo: SD Frank

Tulip tree scales. Photo: SD Frank

females but before you see the scales you will probably notice the leaves of your tree have shiny spots of honeydew. Look up from these spots to find your scales or other sucking pests like aphids. In most cases these don’t require much management but can become severe. If just a few twigs are infested you could prune them. In winter horticultural oil can be used since the scales overwinter on twigs and there won’t be leaves in the way to block oil coverage. In Rale

igh they have not produced crawlers yet. If you do have a severe infestation you can choose a product from the pest management guide.