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NC State Extension

Wild Host Plants of Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs

During the 2011-2013 growing seasons, the trees and shrubs below had the highest numbers of BMSB during weekly surveys of random plants in urban landscapes and woodlots. Note that these numbers are simply averages, as populations fluctuated and moved from host to host over the course of the season.

Plants with the highest numbers of BMSB, Asheville, NC

Oakley Cemetery-5Tree of heaven Paulownia 01Paulownia (princess-tree)
catalpa treeCatalpa Wild cherry 06Wild cherry
black walnutBlack walnut Oakley Cemetery-14Porcelain-berry, wild grape
Locust 03Black locust Yellowwood 01Yellowwood
Buckeye 02Buckeye London planetree (-) 01Sycamore
leaves2Maple owenby woods 03Dogwood
Blackberry 06Wild blackberry Boxelder 01Boxelder
redbud 001Redbud

Image credits: Steve Schoof, NCSU