Spotted Wing Drosophila Monitoring Report August 19, 2016

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We have now counted blackberry trap captures through August 8th. We have observed a decline in Lincoln 1 trap captures over the last couple weeks. This is likely a combination of the increased availability of the fruit combined with the management efforts taking place.

The smaller spike in the Cleveland 1 trap capture numbers corresponded to the end of the Ouachita blackberries at this grower’s farm. Other varieties are still being picked at this locations, and some flies may have moved to that fruit. It is also possible that spotted wing drosophila (SWD) are using other hosts, such as pokeweed, when it is present near a grower’s field.

June beetles were seen midway through the season due to an abundance of overripe fruit. Photo: Grant Palmer

June beetles feed on overripe fruit and began to be seen midseason. Photo: Grant Palmer

We are monitoring a total of five blackberry fields, and first checked traps on May 17, 2016. The average number of total (male and female) SWD captured per site per day are presented in the figures below. YSW refers to traps baited with “yeast/sugar water”, and Scentry refers to traps with Scentry lures.

2016 blackberry YSW data

2016 blackberry scentry data

Data is continually processed and will be updated weekly as it becomes available.

The dramatic upturn in Lincoln 1 YSW trap captures compared to the more meager increase in Lincoln 1 Scentry trap captures shows the value in using the tried and true YSW traps despite their inherently messy nature.

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