Spotted Wing Drosophila Monitoring Report August 26, 2016

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This is the final spotted wing drosophila (SWD) monitoring report for 2016. Looking back over the course of the season, we can make several about our trapping methods. Aside from a couple of times towards the end of the season, the Scentry baited traps performed similarly to the yeast sugar/water traps. The manufacturer suggests that the commercially available lures could be used for up to four week, but we observed a precipitous decline in trap captures after two weeks in both our blueberry and blackberry monitoring sites. However, the Scentry lures are easier to service, and contain mostly drosophilids. It is likely they will experience continued use in the future.

While both of the attractants we used at our sites captured flies, trap captures are still difficult to relate to infestation in fruit and are only recommended for use in determining fly presence at this time.

wasp on blackberry

Another wasp taking advantage of overripe fruit in a blackberry field. Photo: Grant Palmer

We are monitoring a total of five blackberry fields, and first checked traps on May 17, 2016. The average number of total (male and female) SWD captured per site per day are presented in the figures below. YSW refers to traps baited with “yeast/sugar water”, and Scentry refers to traps with Scentry lures.

2016 blackberry YSW data

2016 blackberry Scentry data

Data is continually processed and will be updated weekly as it becomes available.

As this is the last report that I will be writing for this summer, I would like to thank all of our participating growers once more for their ongoing support and helpfulness throughout the summer. It has been a pleasure to work with you.

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