NCDA&CS Offers Post-Flood Cleanup and Disposal Assistance for Pesticides

— Written By Michael Waldvogel

The N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services is offering assistance with pesticide and fertilizer disposal through the Pesticide Disposal Assistance Program. They will be adding additional pesticide collection dates as storm cleanup continues. The link to the collection schedule can be found on the NCDS&CS website.

The NCDA&CS also provided the following guidelines to follow when cleaning up chemicals in flooded areas.

  • Safety: If you suspect your pesticide storage area has flooded, use caution in investigating the area. Wear personal protective equipment such as chemical-resistant gloves, rubber boots, protective clothing, and eyewear.
  • Assess the area and contain the spread: Evaluate and identify the problem areas and use absorbent materials to contain the spread of the spill.
  • Cleanup: After stabilizing the area, begin cleaning it up. It is important that cleanup be prompt, but also safe. Things to consider include identifying a place to temporarily store the flooded material before ultimate disposal and plans for how to dispose of the pesticides. Make sure this temporary site meets proper pesticide storage regulations and keeps products out of the weather. Do not load all chemicals into one bin or container. This could not only create safety concerns and adverse chemical reactions, but it could also create response delays and increase disposal cost.

For more information and assistance with material disposal, you can:

  • Visit the NCDA&CS website.
  • Email questions to Derrick Bell –
  • Call 919-280-1061. NOTE: When contacting by email or phone, please provide the following information: Contact name, county where the material is located, best contact phone number, and, if possible, an inventory of products needing disposal.