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Stink Bug Thresholds

Thresholds vary depending on stink bug pressure and are based on a 100 plant sample as described below (see table). These thresholds are not percentages, but numbers. If a single plant has multiple stink bugs, this must be counted into the total. If the number of stink bugs exceeds the number in the “treat” category, treat the field even if 100 plants have not been sampled. If the number per plant falls between the “treat” and “do not treat” category, take more samples until a confident decision can be made.

Growth stage
Area to sample
Do not treat
Take more samples
V1 to V6 Base of plant on stalk below lowest green leaf ≤6 >7 to 12 ≥13
V14 to VT
Stalk from first leaf above and below primary ear ≤9 >10 to 17 ≥18
R1 to R4 Stalk at one leaf above and two leaves below primary ear ≤35 >36 to 51 ≥52