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 What have we been up to? (JUL 2014)

July 2014

This summer has been quite intense so far, but much more relaxed than last year at this time! We were quite over-extended last year, as we were short on colonies for research which only compounded the stress. This year, we got a late start because of weather and the design of the various studies, so our bees were able to build up nice and strong during the main nectar flow in April. We should do that every year! The result has been our overwintered colonies making strong queen-rearing colonies, and our newly established colonies being healthy and productive. This has made research on in vitro queen rearing, mite video tracking, urban pollination ecology, and queen competition a lot easier than in years past. We’re also getting the Queen & Disease Clinic up and running on campus, and we already have several beekeepers who have taken advantage of the high-throughput techniques of measuring sperm viability and viruses. The fall semester will be here before you know it, though, so we want to make sure we capitalize on our momentum!

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