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 What have we been up to? (Oct 2014)

October 2014 It was a long and productive research season, although not nearly as crazy as last year! Mike Simone-Finstrom got our new project on the genomics of in vitro reared queens off the ground with his usual high productivity. Carl Giuffre and his small team of BioMath undergrads made significant headway on automating a grooming assay of bees, and more recently made video recordings of varroa-mite movement to see what might motivate them. Margarita Lopez-Uribe has really hit the ground running on testing the effects of urbanization on native bee health and disease. Holden Appler graduated this summer with his MS on the same topic, and we’re very happy to have been joined by James Withrow who will be doing his graduate work on the conflict and cooperation during queen rearing. And of course, we’ve been busy processing samples for the Bee Informed Partnership (BIP) and Queen & Disease Clinic, delivering talks and webinars to beekeeping groups, and writing up our findings! 
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