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What have we been up to? (JUL 2015)

July 2015 This summer is as busy as it has ever been, and with the most colonies (~200) that we’ve ever had. James’ project on the collective decision-making process during queen rearing has been going well, and he will stay busy this fall and winter analyzing his many samples in the genetics lab. Mike’s projects using in vitro rearing continue to excel, although we’ve once again had some set backs with the instrumental insemination component of the breeding program. Margarita has been busy sampling native bees from all over the Triangle and making tremendous progress on her projects, and Hongmei continues to keep multiple balls in the air with the migratory stress project and others. It’s also been a busy time with travel, with David going to several beekeeper meetings, Hongmei going to Germany to learn microinjections, and Mike presently in Seattle for a bioinformatics workshop. We’re also fortunate to have two guest researchers in the lab, Igor de Mattos Medici from Brazil (see profile in April) and Danica Fine from the University of Pennsylvania. Danica has been doing her own undergraduate independent study on micronutrients in artificial diet and has been working hard since May.
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