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 What have we been up to? (JAN 2014)

January 2015 The beginning of a new year always brings reflection about the previous. We’ve had another successful year, with six peer-reviewed publications and 21 presentations at scientific meetings. We have 10 active grants totaling $1.4M, and we have more people in the program than ever. This past year saw the addition of several new postdocs in the lab, both of whom have been stellar additions to our group so far. Holden Appler graduated this past year with his MS degree, and we eagerly anticipate the publication of his two (and possibly four) manuscripts on the effects of urbanization on honey bee immunology and disease. On the extension side, collectively we delivered ~30 presentations and workshops to various beekeeper groups for ~6,000 individual contacts, and we were covered by 12 media stories on our work. New courses on our BEES network continue to be on hold until the migration to the DELTA server is finalized (see page 2), but we hope it will once again gain some traction. Overall, 2014 was a great year, and we hope the same for 2015!
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