Beekeeping notes

Extension articles by the NC State Apiculture Program

Number Title Category
1.01 Africanized honey bees: where are they now, and when will they arrive in North Carolina? Biology
1.02 Africanized honey bees: prevention and control Biology
1.03 Africanized honey bees: some questions and answers Biology
1.11 The Honey Bee Dance Language Biology
1.12 The Different Types of Honey Bees Biology
1.13 Non-honey bee stinging insects in North Carolina Biology
2.01 Diseases of the Honey Bee Management
2.03 Varroa Mites Management
2.05 The Small Hive Beetle Management
2.16 A Comparison of Russian and Italian Honey Bees Management
2.17 How to install a package of honey bees Management
3.10 How to become a beekeeper in North Carolina Industry
3.14 The Value of Honey Bees as Pollinators in N.C. Industry

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