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Spined Soldier Bug Look-a-Likes

Spined soldier bugs (Podisus maculiventris, Images 1 and 3) are predators of insects such as caterpillars. Brown stink bugs (Euschistus servus, Images 2 and 4) are pests of a variety of crops. Identifying friend or foe is very important in pest management.

Spined soldier bug adult

Image 1. Distinguishing features of spined soldier bug adult.

Brown Stink Bug adult

Image 2. Distinguishing features of brown stink bug adult.

thick beak of spined soldier bug

Image 3. Spined soldier bugs beaks are more than twice as thick as their antennae.

Beak of brown stink bug

Image 4. Brown stink bug beaks are as thin or thinner than their antennae.