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Insect Predators

Insect Predators eat more than one prey item in their lifetimes, and are usually larger than their prey. Click on the thumbnails below to find out more about these predators.


More info on beetles

C-Mac LadybeetleConvergent LadybeetleC-7 Ladybeetletwo Multi-colored Asian LadybeetlesSoldier BeetleTiger BeetleGround BeetleGround BeetleRove Beetle

(True) Bugs

What are true bugs

Big-eyed bug adultInsidious Flower bug adultSpined Soldier Bug adultAnchor bug adultEuthyrhynchus Bug adultTwo-spotted Stink bug Damsel BugAssassin bug

Dragonflies and Damselflies

More info on dragonflies and damselflies


More info on flies

Dolichopodid FluHover FlyRobber Fly


More info on lacewings

Green LacewingBrown Lacewing


More info on mantids

Chinese MantidCarolina Mantid


More info on wasps

Paper wasp with egg cases